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  • DarkRP Server Rules

    FutureGN DarkRP Rules List

    Disclaimer: The rules can be changed at any time without notice. If something is not outlined in the rules, however we warrant it deserves a punishment, Staff hold the right to proceed with any appropriate punishment. If something is done that indicates a clear problem within the rules, a rule will be added regarding it.

    General Glossary:

    RDM - Random Deathmatch (Killing a user for no RP reason)

    NLR - New Life Rule (Returning to the area/RP situation in which you were killed)

    Police, during PD raids ARE permitted to break NLR; this is to make PD raids difficult.

    RDA - Random Arrest (Arresting a user for no RP reason)

    FearRP - Fear Roleplay (Not following Roleplay rules and doing something you would not do IRL in that particular moment)

    Applies with vehicles if the vehicle has come to a complete stop or near halt

    Metagame - (Using information that you would not obtain IRL to assist you in RP)

    Fistwhore - (Using your Fists swep to randomly punch users)

    L2AP - Leave To Avoid Punishment (Leaving the server to avoid a punishment/consequence)

    Stunstick Abuse - (Abusing the stunstick weapon by hitting a user continuously

    OOC - Out Of Character (Global Chat used to communicate with the entire server)

    IC - In Character (Communicating in RP)

    FDA - Fading Door Abuse (Using your binded button to open and close the fading doors)

    CP - Civil Protection (The Police Force)

    RP - Roleplay (The term used for Roleplay)

    IRL - In Real Life (The term used to describe in real life events or conditions)

    Minge - (Not on the server to roleplay, only on the server to cause havoc)

    Double Dooring - (A fading door directly after another (or map door) that uses a different keypad)

    Does not include stacked doors to prevent lockpicking

    If you are unsure, ask a staff member to check

    AOS - Arrest On Site (Arresting a user with the arrest batton without RP justifications)

    Prop Climb - Using props or spawned entities to climb in the world

    Prop Surf - Using props or spawned entities to push yourself throughout the map

    Prop Kill - Killing users with props or spawned entities

    Prop Spam - Spamming props or entities in the server

    General Rules:

    Any shape of Hacking or Exploiting will result in a permanent ban.

    Do not backseat administrate. You're not allowed to make someone wanted/demote them for the reason 'RDM, NLR' etc. or kill people breaking rules. Use @*insert message* to contact staff

    Use this within RP, you can fire someone if in a position of power, etc.

    Respecting players is a must (no harassment, racism, sexism, etc.). This includes Staff members - extends to a Neo Nazi takeover.

    Harassment in an RP sense, can be treated as threatening and you can be killed, after given warning (verbal/chat-based).

    Prop Climbing, Surfing, Killing, Blocking, Pushing, Trapping or Spamming is not allowed.

    Bunny Hopping is not allowed.

    Scamming is not allowed. You must give the player what they paid for. This includes stealing in transactions.

    Killing people with no reason is not allowed. You must have a valid reason.

    Proper Roleplaying names are required at all times (e.g John Smith)

    Shooting people's car for no reason is not allowed

    Ramming Police Cars for attention is not allowed

    Stealing Police Cars and Tow Trucks is not allowed

    Don't use OOC for roleplay reasons. Use /advert or /pm

    Australian laws apply, with regards to guns/drugs (they're all illegal without permits).

    No using the sit anywhere (alt + e) function to escape RP situations

    The only role that is allowed to create gambling devices/services is the Casino Manager, in the casino

    No racism. This includes anything involving Nazi/Jewish conflict.

    Do not:

    Random Deathmatch (RDM)

    Break New Life Rule (NLR)

    Random Arrest (RDA)

    Fail Fear RP


    Abuse 'Sit-Anywhere Script'

    Place In-Game Items in unreachable areas

    Disconnect, Suicide, change jobs etc to get out of a Role-Play situation

    Argue or use caps in OOC

    No Fading Door Abuse (Opening with keyboard shortcut instead of keypad/button)

    AFK/Autoclick in the casino. This includes using an E2/user to auto-click.


    You must /advert before doing the following action(s): Terror / Kidnap


    Raid Cooldown (Same Person) - 10 Minutes

    Mug Cooldown (Different Person) - 10 Minutes

    Mug Cooldown (Same Person) - 30 Minutes

    Kidnap Cooldown (Different Person) - 10 Minutes

    Kidnap Cooldown (Same Person) - 25 Minutes

    Carjack Cooldown - 10 Minutes

    Terror Attacks - 10 Minute

    New Life Rule (NLR) - 5 Minutes (May be longer depending on circumstances or the situation has finished)

    Building Rules:

    No building in spawn

    You can only own 1 building in your base, per player in your group

    So if you have 3 players, maximum of 3 buildings owned, etc.

    This also includes apartments/hotel rooms

    Maximum of 5 fading doors for a base.

    Does not scale with amount of players, 5 per base.

    Fading Doors must be open for a minimum of 5 seconds.

    Tunneling is allowed (with exceptions depending on length).

    Excessive use of dark black props are prohibited

    Invisible props are prohibited.

    Crouch entrances are prohibited.

    Full black bases are prohibited.

    No Carjacking/Mugging/Kidnapping/Raiding/etc. people with a building sign; it is a non-rp area and, similarly, you cannot participate in these activities whilst having one up.

    No valuables if using one.

    Stolen valuables and vehicles are included here.

    All Kill on Sight (KOS) Signs must be within 1 meter of the wall of your base.

    Keypads must be fully functioning, visible and accessible.

    Keypad placement must be clear to the fading door it is targeting AND visible while looking directly at the fading door.

    No Fake or Reverse keypads.

    You must own all doors in a building to build.

    Double Fading Dooring is not allowed. Double fading door is two props stacked directly beside each other WITH different fade keys/keypads to open them. World Door + Fading Door is allowed

    Do not block off large areas of the map.

    Do not block off NPCs, Police Stations, Spawn, etc.

    Do not build in areas you do not own.

    If buttons are used to open fading doors, they must be held open for the minimum time (5 seconds)

    Kill boxes are not allowed, Each compartment of the base must be large enough to fit at least 3 people (without the need for stacking on top of each other)

    Do not build (add/remove props) during a raid. Wait until the raid is over.

    Text Screens:

    Cannot have a Building sign and a KoS sign

    Cannot include 'all rules apply', must specify

    Must be able to be shot (cannot sit inside large no-collided props, preventing you from taking damage).

    Players must be able to 'shoot back'. In every compartment of your base, it must be possible for a player to use their gun to defend themselves.

    No building on the road, unless otherwise specified in your job rules.

    Unless you own all of the buildings that belong past that road, and the road isn't the main/quickest path from point A to point B (ask a staff member if you're unsure), refer to rule 2.

    Props may be used within raids; with the provision that they are spawned inside your base, and brought to the raid (using your gravity gun ONLY), these props cannot be moved using the physics gun at any point in time and cannot be used to obstruct entrances, doorways etc.

    You are not allowed to make an elevator.

    If you have a ramp to your base, it may not be longer than 8 tiles (length of a 1x8 plate).

    Job Rules:

    Casual Jobs:

    Battle Medic:

    Can tax your ability to heal.

    Can work with Criminal organizations and other classes.

    Can own money printers.

    Cannot base by yourself.

    Cannot carjack/mug/raid alone.


    Cannot do any criminal activities

    Can build a base

    Can own a weapon

    Casino Manager:

    You cannot build anywhere besides the Casino

    You may tax people to enter or use the Casino machines

    You are allowed to have a pistol for self defense.


    You cannot own buildings / buy doors.

    You can build on footpaths / non road areas only.

    You cannot block off large portions of the map.

    You cannot do any criminal activities (including stealing money).

    You cannot possess a gun at anytime.

    Can possess a knife for self defence only

    You cannot own a vehicle.

    You cannot own money printers. (You may steal them if you find them)


    You cannot base by yourself.

    You can work with a maximum of 1 other security guard.

    You may establish a business where guards are Hired.

    You cannot work alongside criminal organisations. You may only be hired in some cases to defend bases.

    Gun Dealer:

    Must have a store available to the public at all times (except whilst building)

    Must sell to all people

    Can own money printers

    Can supply you and your staff with weapons, but you must seize the weapons when you change jobs (No self-supplying)

    Can only work with security guards.

    Cannot base with other Dealers.

    Automatic stores are allowed.

    Government Jobs:

    This applies to all Jobs below. You can NOT be corrupt.

    Military/Military Leader/Military Sniper

    All Police rules apply to Military

    Cannot go corrupt

    Cannot build in the room of PD where the bank vault is.

    The military leader may establish an Outpost for his/her team.


    Can tax your ability to heal.

    Cannot work for Criminal Organizations or any other class.

    Cannot own money printers.

    Your service must be available to everyone.

    Police/Police Chief:

    You can not be corrupt.

    You may not sell weapons.

    Do not abuse tasers (repetitively using them on a player, without reason (Stunstick Abuse applies here))

    No building bases, The PD is your base.

    No Stunstick Abuse, All stunstick usage must be followed with an rp reason and to not be used more than 3 times per arrest.

    No Random Arresting, All arrests must be followed with an RP reason

    No Random Weapon Checking, All checks must be followed with an RP reason

    You are allowed to create roadblocks, road blocks must be manned at ALL times.

    Cannot own money printers.

    Cannot build in the room of PD where the bank vault is.


    All Police rules apply

    Can work alongside a criminal organisation if both parties agree and it fits within RP

    Cannot possess a weapon at anytime. ( Melee weapons are an exemption)

    No Random/false lockdowns. They must have a proper RP reason

    No laws which break server rules (e.g Cops may AOS thieves)

    Cannot own money printers.

    Vice President:

    You cannot base.

    Cannot possess a weapon at anytime.

    Cannot own money printers.

    Secret Service:

    All Police rules apply

    Must protect the President and/or Vice President at all times.

    Cannot own money printers.

    Criminal Jobs:

    All Criminal Jobs

    Cannot Carjack/Mug/Kidnap in spawn. (Inside the brick walls)

    Includes the car dealer

    Maximum mug amount: $80,000

    During a raid, you cannot kill someone that is not affiliated with the base/shop/etc. or directly affecting the raid and its outcome without first providing a warning

    Contracted Killer:

    You cannot base (does not include areas you purchase to advertise your service)

    You must get a valid reason to accept a hit

    Cannot own money printers.

    Cannot raid/mug/kidnap/carjack

    Meth Cook:

    Can base with other criminal groups

    Cannot raid/mug/kidnap/carjack


    Can only Raid/Carjack/Mug/Kidnap if boss is present

    Once the boss dies, the Raid/Carjack/Mug/Kidnap is over

    Cannot work with other gangs, can only work with custom classes and battle medics


    You must wait 10 minutes after terror ends before starting a new attack.

    You must /advert Terror/Terror over

    Terror cannot last more than 5 minutes

    Terror ends once you die

    You cannot kill unless advertising terror (unless in self-defense)

    Players should not be affected/damaged by the terror attack in these areas:

    The pavement that wraps around spawn & the pavement that wraps around the Downtown Motors building/car dealership (and everything within them)

    You can only terrorise one area of the map per attack

    You cannot own money printers.

    You may base and wait for the right moment to strike. You may not AFK longer than 10 minutes on this job.


    Thieves are only allowed to base with other thieves (and battle medics)

    May be paid by gangs to steal or mug.

    Can kidnap if paid to do so.(Must have RP reasoning to kidnap.)

    Militia :

    As Russian Militia, you are the opposing force to the police.

    You may participate in criminal activities.

    You may own printers.

    You may initiate a coup d’etat and overthrow the mayor.

    If it fits within RP then the Russian Militia can do it.

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